August 16, 2012


Make friends not see the difference, the religion, or whatever. you can share about your problem, your life, and anything what you want to share to your friend. ups and downs passed together. you can't throwing your friend casually. friends need each other. they care, awesome, cool! so, let's make big friendship :)

I think both of you have a friendship, rite? personally i have, yes this my friend, Mela. we just meet up today, so miss her much have been five months. busy time were coming and we can't chill out together. poor us :'> 

Today me take her to bank. she want to non-activate her class's atm. you know that bank is going to close, fortunately we don't come late fiuhhhh we confused about where we gonna go. we don't have a plan! this is so plump. finally we back to our home, and we photoshoots yaaaaaay!!! but she can't break fasting at my home, cause she have plan with her friend :< well, thanks for leaving a great moment ({}). 
1-question: am i suit using hijab? :p

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