January 26, 2013

Studded = RAD!

What's hot right now?
STUDDED, yup! Many things use this small object, from head to toe. What a GORG!

1. Hats
Beside protect your head and hair from sunlight, this make your look to awe level. When bad hair, this is totally help you.

2. Tops
If your top is too simple, you can use this in order to not look deserted. Bullet shape seems suitable for plain shirts.

3. Bottoms
Do you have jeans are rarely used? Wait....... don't throw away that. We can recycle it becomes a new style.  Short cut, dip dye, and give the studded.

4. Jewelry
Studded not only made from metal, but it could also be from leather, plastic. The colors? So much, red, pink, orange, blue, purple, white, black, etc.

5. Shoes
Various type of shoes, such as heels, sneakers, creepers, stilettos, up to the latest smoking slippers yes all they are totally cool especially given a touch of studded.

6. Bags
Some people used to travel frequently, there's bring a bag. So this is the transformation to try a new studded trend.

-Have you get this one? Xoxo, R :)

January 1, 2013


Confused about what i mean? I'm gonna tell a little. It's thing that I learning currently, Algorithm. 2012++ in C++ language equals to 2012 + 1 and  the result is 2013. Kay, just forget it, don't worry about it cause 2013 has come yeah!

Every people have a dream, right? So do I.
Have you have any target? Yes, I have.
Want scores good? Of course!
Bundles of happiness? Everyone wants it so.
Mistakes? Everyone has it, and I have too. I so sorry if I've mistakes to you, even a little. Let's we forgive each others and let it flow.


Have you watched New Year's Eve? It's so touching.... :)

October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat!

"Trick or Treat!" yup people say it when they want something from others such as candy or maybe another. If people can't give anything to people that asked for they want, they will threat you like write threat words in the window with the blood or.... they will kill you! But it wouldn't like that, so creepy. 

Peoples celebrates Halloween with:
1. Halloween costume

2. Halloween foods and drinks

3. Watching scary movies

Much more you can do when halloween, yes scary things.