August 26, 2012


Yayaya welcome to Bali again! :) i used to there when i was 3 y.o with my mum&grandma visit my dad. he was worked there. btw this time with my parents plus my bro&sis, yupyup! Bali is very artsy i cant stop seeing the building was there. i like art. so much.... well it makes me to live long time, i felt in love with the art, but five days is enough for us and really unforgettable.

On ferry, ya we go by car so must cross the sea. necessarily by plane because returns on 30Aug and on that day me begin to enter college, my mum&dad start working on27, also my bro&sis back to school so we use car and our ticket is scorched.

Looking for housing, ya my mum haven't booked any hotel. fortunately my dad's friends help us, alhamdulillah. so we stay in his place. yayyyy!

Go to Kuta beach: play sand, see sunset and also caring my bro&sis. so wonderful day :)

Sangeh. monkey's forest. people use glasses and accessories must be removed, because fear of being taken by monkey and your things cant back. if monkey up on your shoulders, you have to stay calm. yaaa we must be careful in this place.

Having dinner Jimbaran, yup seafood. nomnom! :3 so romantic if you dinner with ur girl/boyfie on the coast. where's my boyfie? uh oh </3

Shopping time, yayyyy! love this one <3 Sukawati traditional market make me wanna buy this and that hoho so many accessories there, also Bali crafts such as sculpture, fabric, bag, and so muchhhhhhh.

Subhanallah!!! The view makes me stunned by the beauty of Kintamani panorama. a natural geopark. batur's lake. mountain. all of it so........ i can't describe it. i've been hypnotized :p

Twins! what a happy family! we use same shirt, so sweet rite? :p we go to Uluwatu beach. try the sea games with my dad. we also visit Penyu island. lil turtle are so cute :3 not the only it, snake, bat, some birds, rooster, komodo are there.

Beach again..... this time we go to Padang-padang beach. actually it's not a real name, but they called it padang-padang. i forget the real name of this beach hehe

It's time to we back home, but there's funny things when we on the ship. there's swimmer on the sea waiting people throw the money to him hahaha

Well, this vacation is so fun and we are very happy!!! we'll go to Bali again someday.... thanks Baliiiii :)))) <3

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