August 15, 2012


Chill out with my cousin, yay!!! so happy guess what? i didn't go walk have been 3 days ago. actually on august 14th would go to depok with my college friends. but one of my friends can't go, so we canceled our plan. this is so..... sucks! ups :x you know i really want to meet up with them, cause i'm miss them freaking much. well, forget it... 
my diy necklace: Ruby flower necklace.
My purchase: 
Black feather with earcap for my accessories handphone. Cute rite? :}
Rainbow flower knot.
We go to an undescribed mall, why i say it? they sell anythings that in other mall not sell haha after shopping there, we go to Ekalokasari. chill out until the sun is going to rise. previously we gonna break fasting in there, but my aunt says that break fasting at home. so..... we back home. today's so tired but very happy :) 
uh blur pict, my sis can't take a good pict hufff -,-
What i wear: GRAPHIS blue outer / NINETY DEGREES blue stripes tanktop / HERMES green cluth / TRISET jegging jeans / LAWRENCIA hole shoes.

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