August 18, 2012

Takbiran's night.

Today's Ayu's birthday!!! yup yup August 18th, after Independence day. give surprise with didi, destia, and aida for anyuuu :* buttttttttt, guess what? we failed!!! huffff anyu is guarding her shop aaaaa it's so...... ya you know. well, no problem we still give the gifts and blow the candle.

After pray maghrib, we looking for some places for having dinner. okay, "Ayam Geprek" is the target. actually the restaurant is going to close, fortunately we don't getting hungry in street. oh lol :} anyu don't want to go home, she want to go for walk. yup, today me takbiran's night with my foxes. yippieee!!! we go to Sempur with our motor. the sky is so beautiful with fireworks  decorate that night. 

We go to Yasmin also. in there we don't know what we gonna do haha finally didi buy some fireworks and destia bring esome fireworks so initiative. well, we don't buy a dangerous firework. we just buy smoke-colored fireworks. we called it Aladdin fireworks. we're so funny cause the other play the big fireworks and we just it haha

So, today so amazing!!! Thanks girls <3


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  2. great pics, looks like a lot of fun :)

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