May 10, 2012

the sweetest gift ever...

this is my gift birthday from my lovely peoples. anyway, almost in pink. what a cutie gift!!! 

1. a little container
it is given by dews and didi. firstly i accept it, i think it's a photo album or a diary. apparently it's a little container for accessories that can make a sound and also mirror in it.
2. pink purse
what a surprise!!! a few days ago, when we went to Tanah Abang with 3others, i looked for purse but i didn't get any purse how sad i am. but, i've got the one cute from my lovely pals, ica. i'll wear and keep it kindly.

3. plaid veil
it came very mysterious, seriously!!! you know why guys??? kay, i'll tell you. when i had a private lesson exactly when took a rest. receptionist in my course told me that there's somethin for me. and she gave me a gift that a letter was outside and with the heart sign. it written "to: my lovely friend". i'm so curious who has me a gift. then i open it at home, and.... that gift is given by mels. i got a plaid veil, yeayyyy!

4. plaid shirt
actually this is from my auntie. this gift is handed in to my mama. i like it very very muchhhhh, hurry to wash it and wear it hehehe :p

so that's it i'm gonna share to yall...... i'm verya happy guys. thanks for all those cutie pink gift. love you all :*****

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