May 11, 2012

school clinic by hai&nex.

school clinic come to my school today! yuhuuuu,u this is from hai magz working with suzuki nex. well, the guest star is drive
this is the mc!!! yup, the handsome man, dery 'vierra'......
if you want to test drive there also exist. 
there's mbokkk, ups!

many other interesting activities such as satria air guitar, nex shuffle exhibition, etc.
and this is me with the coordinator, moch.
oh ya i also buy the hai magazine only five hundreds, you can get:
1. hai magazine edition may 2012
2. hai skecthbook
3. addition magazine: 6 untuk jakarta
4. music cd special valentine (edition: 6/xxxiv/2010)
5. hai sticker
6. hai pocker for handphone.
well, finally it's funnnnn. #justshare


  1. thank you for a comment! i see hyunah on the magazine cover, haha :) she is my favorite.

    do you want to follow each other? i really enjoyed reading the posts on your blog :)


    1. really??? hyunah is very beautiful girl.
      i've followed your blog dear. btw thankyou:))