May 13, 2012

GDO: Anyer.

on 9-10 May, 2012, we went to Anyer to celebrate a class farewell, especially for the girls. in the other side, another our classmates, they were at Puncak on 8-9 May. we didn't go because we had an addition lesson in our course. actually i really want to join with the others but i can't. well, we went to Anyer use a car certainly hehe. needs 5hours to arrive in there. Hawaii a Club Bali resort is our lodging. the place isn't just in Anyer but in a few of Indonesia. the resort is very amazing. the facilities are complete. 417 is number our room.

the first thing that we did is....... fix of our luggage and then take a rest.

cooking time!!! everybody was getting hungry hihi
in the evening, we walked around the resort and we found a little coastal.

swimming together.... played ball on the water yuhuuu,u. what a great day!!!

sunset in the sky, the sign night is coming. well, we grilled sausages and chicken.

after that, we slept for the next day............

the next day:
in the morning me&dews was cooking for breakfast when the other girls went to walk around.

no longer i already made a food, they came. then i took a rest forawhile.

we palyed the game, like othello, uno, and iPad.

at 12 am, we packed our things then checked out.

but before we left this place, we visited beach in Karang Bolong. in there was quiet, why? because it's not truly holiday. on June, holiday will come.

well, it's was fun!!!!! very thanks girls :* i never forget this an undorgettable moment guys! :)) love you all♥♥♥


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    1. thanks dear!!! okay, just followed your blog :)

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