May 10, 2012


i don't know what i am to do. and i remember with my 'holi-time' post. number 4: photo project/photobooth. (my mind is shinning with there's a bright lamp, and this is lol) no longer, i take my props such as outfits with another accessories, bags, shoes, and the most important is my camdig!
this is the things that i was wearing roughly like:
my photo project name is peach&peace. what is the meaning? it means peach is for peach pullover and peace for my diy ye-range peace necklace. yes, summer is the theme!
i take the snapshoots by myself, so i'm sorry if the photos not kind enough. here it's my gallery:

the last, this is my first look on actually the account is made long time ago, but i just post a look recently.

hey you guys!!! hype me please if you have lookbook. thanks before :)))


  1. i quite like your side fringe (bangs), it's so full and healthy!

    1. thankyou so muchhh! xoxo
      pls help me by follow&hype my lookbook if you don't mind, thanks :))