August 9, 2011

UP Shoes.

Fashion's world is very spacious. A fashion will be scant without shoes. That's right! I think shoes are very important things. If it isn't, what we want to use the road? Well, our country have a local brand shoes that doesn't lose with outside country. One of them is up shoes. It's Diana's. She design shoes with passion and purpose. Here it is! Diana's design.

Pandora Nude - UP Wedges
Tree Purple - UP Wedges 
 Anjani - UP Wedges
 Jane Batik-mustard - UP Wedges

 Kate two-one - UP Wedges

Nina Denim - UP Wedges 
 Lola Pink - UP Wedges
Pandora Sailor - UP Wedges 
 Polly Floral Blue - UP Wedges
Stella Biege - UP Wedges

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