August 22, 2011

I ♥ Lisa's songs!

Lisa Helen Mitchell as know as Lisa Mitchell, she is Australian singer-songwritter. She was born on March 1990 in Canterbury, England. But she grew up in Albury, New South Wales. She had joined Australian Idol in 2006 and she ranked sixth. 

2009 was a remarkable year for Lisa: her debut album ‘Wonder’ debuted at 6 on the ARIA charts, she earned 3 ARIA nominations, signed a huge record deal in the UK with Sony Music, scored album of the week in the UK’s prestigious Sunday Times, toured Australia and the UK nationally twice over and finished a magical year with number 7 spot on the Hottest 100 with her global smash ‘Coin Laundry’.

Here it is lists of Lisa's song:
        1. Clean White Love
        2. Coin Laundry
        3. Love Letter
        4. Neopoliran Dreams
        5. Oh! Hark!
        6. Sun Sun Sun
        7. Wonder
        8. See You When You Get Here 
        9. Alice
      10. Valium

Oh Hark Lyrics

Once again I leave my grave
Dirt and daisies hit the pave
No sooner than I have turned
I hear the devil cooking up a new storm

My world ends on a regular basis

Yeah I fed quick and lonesome places
No sooner that I am dead
I feel the ravens tugging at my hair

Oh! Hark!

Do you a hear a voice like velvet through the night sky
Do you hear the fickle hand of fate at my side
And all those that god has sinned with hope in his stride

And watch out

Watch for them camouflaged and crouched in the shadows
Oh they couldn't hold a candle up to you
But they stand as tall as you in broad daylight too
Oh! Hark!