July 26, 2012

We love ISTI.

So, today we sleep at isti's house. yayyyy!!! well, this day is the best best to give surprise for isti. we break forawhile on the way house for eat, cause we're fasting, arrive at 7 p.m. In her house, we take a rest while watching television. she says to  us that she gonna take a bath, i say 'later tiiii, don't take a bath'. suddenly poppy reply 'go take a bath'. this time, i think so sorry to isti, she'll take a bath twice at night. and it's so bad if someone take a bath at night, it'll get rheumatic.
Back to our plan--- yes throw the egg, wheat flour, and yup soy sauce! it's isti's fav she doesn't want eat without it are the best choice. actually, poppy want to add 'bulao', the blue things but i say no, cause it's hard to disappear. after she take a bath, she say that we can't barbeque at night. well, no probs... i say we gonna play game. while we wait for our friends, edwin, therry, and rahardian, we take some photos.

Finally, the waited person come. not longer, we invite her to take photos in front of her house. some other get the material that are going to throw to her. yupppp, success!!! she is so dirty hahahaha

WANTED 'the duo girls who throwing the eggs'

We says : "Happy birthday isti, July 21 is yours :) wish you all the best. Stay young and keep calm. We Love You!!!!! ({})"


  1. seems like so much fun! i love posts like this. cute photos!

    xo, Carla

    1. thanks carla... your site so cute, i like the way you match each clothes!