July 2, 2012

Meet ribbon at back.

hi, i'm newbie here. lemme introduce my self

my name is cute kitty glasses, i was born on July 1st. nice too meet you :)

Two days ago, i saw this cute one at online shop on my friend list facebook. i thought to buy it via online, i thought again not to buy it.  not longer, i got it guys! at mall of course. the price is cheaper than at olshop hehe
Many cute things in there with affordable prices. like shoes, belt, cloth, accessories, etc. maybe yesterday was shopping time for me. this cardigan and shirt are mine. yippieee!!!
my purhcase: Stripes Ribbon at Back Shirt, Off-White Cardigan, and Kitty Glasses.
Make up learning :p

Actually still a lot a thing that i want to buy for sneak peek summer, but i must control my money. remember, i want to university this year. yuppp, have nice day all! :)

ps: my internet connection have trouble been 2 weeks. sorry for lately post, i hope that never happen again. Amin.

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