July 25, 2012

Sinta's day.

Girls hang outtttt! the boys and some girls don't come. we go to Ekalokasari Plaza. we gonna to sing a song at Inul Vista but it's close until August 20. so sad :'( yup, no probssss! photo studio still there.

Towards magrib, we go to Solaria for break fasting. after choose the menu and waiting for adzan, me and poppy permission to ATM get some money. yes it's the truely big lie haha actually we want to buy J.Co and firework candles. 

After buy the cake, me and poppy very confused. because the waitress is totally busy and they can't help us to give surprise to her. fortunately there's my friends, then i give it to her. we back to our seat. at the same time, sinta permission to pray at mushola. wawwww this really is coincidence!!! so we take back the cake from my friends. while waiting for shinta, we turn on the candles. not longer, she come *sing birthday song* it's so sweet girls! :* 

"Happy birthday sinta, may Allah give the best thing for you, and success! Big kisses&hugs :*"

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