June 28, 2012

Khitanan day.

Yup! my brother, papau, do a Khitanan *especially for all moslem boy and this is a duty. well, he gets a lot of money. actually i don't know why people give the money, maybe just want to make him happy and then the.... you know get well really soon. hopefully he will give some for me hahaha oh my, really impossible. btw, the events was success. peoples come to our place quite a lot, alhamdulillah.
oliv, me, dinar

the souvenir, cute cookies :3

We are the guard guestbook hehe many people ask about the souvenir. "what it is?" "it's cookie" "oh, i think wall hanger or candle" ".........*smile" . what the? candle?! nope!!! hahaha actually it seems like something that can be displayed and the shape is really cute with any colors.

By-the-way i haven't the pic of papau (it's on my cousin's camera) hahaha but i'll add more snapshots and also papau's photos, always check this site guys here'll be new more :p

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