June 6, 2012


hey-yo foxes! 
have you get any books for this month yet? well i've been searching book for five days. i searched from agent in bogor baru and the seller said it was available on wednesday. impatience, i went to gramedia botani square. you know? there's still available last month. hellooooo it was on june 3th guys. the next day i went there again and it's still the same. oh my god!!! i really want to read looks magazine, i swear it's true!!! on tuesday night, i were in bogor permai to have a dinner. there's book seller. none!!! still had not looks magz yet :((( and today I GOT IT!!!!! i'm so happy happy happy :) i bought it from agent in bogor baru. you must know!!! only 17,5K hahaha yeah it's cheaper than the price on cover. 
so, have you have with this one foxes? if haven't yet, cmon buy this one. no regret and the contents always a-w-e-s-o-m-e with celeb gossip, fashion show review, many outfits, and lots of exciting news. the last, looks magz is not boring and always want to read it again again and again. really!!! :p

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