January 30, 2012

top10 music.

i think many people like music, r8? for the answer i said yes!!! i'm the one who like music so much damn. our life isn't far from music. when wake up in the morning, we will hear chicken's voice. in the other hand, music show our feeling when sad, fall in love, broken heart, happy, confused, etc. 

"a world without music is a world without nothing."
so, this time i'd like to recommend some songs that i think that is good to hear. 

1. one direction - gotta be you
2. plain white t's - rythm of love
3. selena gomez - head first
4. the trees and the wild - irish girl
5. oasis - wonderwall
6. megan nicole - beautiful
7. a rocket to the moon - like we used to
8. jessie j - domino
9. kina grannis - the one you say goodnight to
10. david guetta ft. kid cudi- memories
hope you like it, guys:)