September 22, 2012

Stay Y-O-U-N-G.

This busy week,  many tasks, many practices, much times run. it makes me stressed out. i hanging out with amazing girls back from school. yup! to refresh mind. there are different this time, guess what?! there's tine, shelly, and fany. so happy :) i usually walk together with ica, but now with more girls. yuhuuuuu <3

Botani Square, yes the place where we hanged out as usual. fany comes first with her friends, me and ica come together then wait others in Lotteria. not longer, shelly comes then the last..... tine. she waits for her daddy to take her there, that's reason why she late. actually ayu in there, but she can't with us cause she with her sisters huhuhuhuhu miss her so muchhhh :'(

By the way, we have fun at Fun.Oke karaoke. fany sings so absurd!!! we laughing to listen her voice that so ndjskfjdfue i can't describe it. actually her voice is very great but i don't know what happened to her. maybe she be hubbub with her lovelife *pukpuk for fany ({})* 

Times run so fast make me don't want to separated from them. they're a-w-e-s-o-m-e! we gonna meet up again someday in somewhere, there's my hope. 
Thanks for your times and togetherness.
With kisses&hugs.
Love yall,



  1. its always nice to be with your girlfriends :) btw, I already followed you :) :)