October 30, 2011

Bowling Time, Yippie!

Yesterday, I had report day. And alhamdullilah the score wasn't good and wasn't bad. Then, I played with my friends. First, we went to Roast Chicken. Second, we were having fun at Bogor Bowling Centre.
This is some pictas taken when we're at RC.

Tine, Shelly, Wanda, Rara, Icha, Me

But yesterday was day that unexpected. Wanda's car was getting an accident, when we went to continue our destination. It happened near Elos. Public transportation was stopped for passenger. When Wanda's car was turning left suddenly the driver's pt stepped the gas. And what's going on? Wanda's car was scratched and dent. We're so shocked. After debated with driver'looking s pt, we looked for "ketok magic". Finally we got the ketok magic at Pajajaran.

PS: I don't like friend that gain profit from someone then s/he thrown away. It's very hurts!