September 5, 2011


Hey guys... I just read this novel. Eclair is the 4th novel that written by Prisca Primasari. She wrote her amaze imagination on it. She made me really gorgeous with the story and imagine when I read it. Well, this novel talk about five peoples who are very close friends. They are Kay, Katya, Sergei, Stepanych, and Sergei. 
It begins when Sergei and his father are attend the ceremony of Katya father's, Fyodor Dmitrievich pass away. He is a detective and also close friend of his father. When Tsar daugther's birthday, Rasputin stole Tsar's medal that given to his daugther and Tsar no longer believe in Rasputin. Fortunately a detective from aristocratic, Dmitry investigate and found the medal. 
Shortly, Rasputin was murdered by the Tsar's lackey. The slaughter of Tsar's family by the student of Rasputin after his daughter's birthday. Tsar and family dead bodies dumped in Ekaterinburg. But Maria, Tsar daughter's still breath.When Dmitry come to that location, she call Dmitry and told that he must keep the medal because the medal is a very valuable herritage of Romanov. After that, she is die. Dmitry often have risk in his life in order to keep the medal. Until the end, he die because someone thread the mansion put cyanide high dose on his wine.
Before he die, he hide the medal at someplace with the code and who knows only Katya. That's when Sergei and Katya make friends. He introduced her to his close friends. Season by season passed, she get closer with the man and also his three close friends. They are no problems with her problem faced. Since then she's not alone again. She's got Kay who hobby is photography, Lhiver who has got intelligence in teaching and also like literature, Stepanych who has skill in the world patissier especially making eclair, and also Seryozha (special-call-for-Sergei). She doesn't mean to sever of all but he is the most cherished even more loved. 
At Rasputin residence that heavily guarded in St. Petersburg, Katya and Sergei want to know where the medal is from the code was given by her father. Finally they found it. Suddenly Rasputin student's appear and threat them to give the medals. But they are lose and imprisoned.

Want to know this story???? Read eclair by now. You won't regret. LOL.